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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boyz II Men Release "Twenty"; Samuel Pope Cover of "Cry Me a River"

    This past week Boyz II Men released their album "Twenty" marking the twentieth anniversary of their recording career. The album features 8 remixes of classics and some new songs like "One Up For Love" with a video featuring images of a troubled America.  It's a nice R&B number and diehard BIIM fans won't be disappointed.
  Since Justin Timberlake is concentrating on his movie career, I thought fans might like to hear some actual JT music, so  I found a really good cover of "Cry Me a River" on youtube.  It's done by Londoner Samuel Pope and you can listen to more of his music at

Check out the "Cry Me a River" cover.  He's got a really good falsetto and this is definitely one of the better covers of the song.

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