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Thursday, November 3, 2011

X Factor and Justin Bieber Today Show Appearances

I've got a couple things today...first, Justin Bieber will be appearing on the Today show tomorrow morning.  Matt Lauer gave the impression he will be discussing the story which broke a couple of days ago regarding the birth of a child a California woman is claiming he fathered.  See the post from yesterday.  Also, Matt announces Justin will be doing a concert on the plaza on the Today show on November 23.  Got to keep it about the music, Justin.

Also, let's talk X Factor.  The standouts for me are in the women's category.  I loved hearing Stacy Francis sing "Up to the Mountain" by Patty Griffin.  I did not care much for the arrangement on "Desperado" but I adore Melanie Amaro and if she doesn't win, she should.  The low-lights of the evening for me were the groups.  I wasn't impressed with any of them. 

Here's a really nice cover of "Desperado" by Jasmine Chadwick.

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