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Friday, November 18, 2011

X Factor Shocker and a Nice Rihanna Cover

   I'm about to tell you what happened on X Factor's elimination show last night so you may not want to read this if you recorded it.  I think it was a surprise to most people when the two performers with the lowest scores were announced and Lakoda Raynne was not one of them.  It came down to Stacy Francis and (shock) Astro.  While Stacy did not give her best performance on rock night, she was certainly more exciting that Lakoda Raynne (although I admit, they're almost harmonizing now).  Also, crowd and L.A. Reid favorite Astro was in the bottom two.  I thought his performance was weak, especially compared to his awesome rendition of "Lose Yourself" the last week.  He was admonished by L. A. Reid for reluctantly singing for survival and Simon told him he needed to be an adult.  Maybe not so easy-considering he's 14.  This is why we don't have 14 year old superstars.  However, a little grace and humility would serve him well, especially considering he's losing favor with the voters.  In the end, it was Stacy Francis who went home with all judges but Nicole voting against her.  Sad to see her go...she's a great singer.  Hopefully, Astro can get his swag back and conquer again next week. 

     On a happier note, Rihanna performed her hit song "We Found Love" last night on the show.  Here's a great cover of that song by Robbie Jay.


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